All Executive Members

After being elected, executives must be confident they will be able to remain in the position until the next AGM – typically around early the following year. All Executive members are expected to attend two Board meetings, or one Board and one Executive meeting per month throughout the year, with a break over the summer. This can be done in person or via Zoom. Where the member is unable to attend, noting and contribution to the meeting minutes prior to the meeting(s) is required.


PGSA Executive Committee members must be enrolled as a postgraduate student at the University of Auckland for at least part of their term. The PGSA Board reserves the right to decide whether any person expressing their interest may or may not continue to be placed on the election ballot.

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Executive Roles


The PGSA's President holds the following responsibilities:

  • Presiding at all meetings of the PGSA: all Special and Annual General Meetings of the PGSA, all Board meetings, and all Executive meetings;

  • Making sure that each meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the Constitution and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner;

  • Regularly reviewing the Board’s performance and identifying and managing the process for renewal of the Board through recruitment of new members;

  • Determining and formulating the agenda items for Board meetings with the assistance of the two Vice Presidents and the Secretary;

  • Ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of the organisation;

  • Leading the Board with the preparation of an annual budget (alongside the Treasurer and Events Head) and submitting said budget to Campus Life for funding approval;

  • Communicating with Campus Life about effective management of the organisation;

  • Representing the organisation as its figurehead (the President may from time to time be called upon to represent the PGSA and sometimes be its spokesperson at, for example, events or meetings);

  • Delegating assignments and duties to other Board members.

  • Able to sit on any student association / university committees where requested, and have a relationship with said committees. Must provide written reports and any necessary documentation passed on by the listed parties and also provide consultation/feedback where necessary

  • Chairs committee meetings or assigns chair

  • Reports to the respective committees

  • Liaises with Central PGSA SEVP and AVP on behalf of Faculty PGSA President and VP(s) verbally ( once per fortnight or however more often they like, and provides written monthly report (this can be generated by the secretary, comms and events, then passed to VP and P for consolidation before sending) to Central PGSA SEVP

  • May attend faculty PGSA meetings as Central PGSA rep

  • Monthly report to PG Associate Dean’s on behalf of faulty PGSA/ PG Student Association Sector (can be academic, PG research/taught or all) and aide in relationship building/retention

  • Manages Google Drive for monthly reports on PGSA Faculty PGSA’s Hub Drive.

  • Manages presidential inbox and comms inbox

  • Liaise with AUSA PG Officer, SGS and other appointed committee reps

  • Assist with at least one indoor and one outdoor event per year

  • Quorum Vote.



The PGSA President is expected to have served as a member of the PGSA Executive in the past.

Reports to: All members of the PGSA board.